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Periodontal Endoscopic Treatment

Periodontics is making a significant leap forward through the use of periodontal endoscopic treatment or Perioscopy.

The Perioscope is an endoscope specifically designed for exploration and visualization of the space under the gum of teeth involved with Periodontitis (the periodontal pocket). The instrument produces an image, on a computer monitor, of the diseased tooth’s root surface.

The Perioscope allows the clinician to see the contents of the periodontal pocket and to analyze the root surface of the tooth for disease causing bacterial accumulations (plaque and calculus). It guides the clinician during the process of cleaning the root surface free of its bacterial contaminations which is the treatment for Periodontitis.

In addition, it allows the clinician to identify cracks; perforations and other disease causing flaws of the tooth root’s surface that are located under the gum. These are the problems that used to require surgery to detect.

To see a video of one of our perioscope  procedures, please click here: Perioscope Video – March 24, 2017

Benefits of the Perioscope

Because of the ability to see the diseased root surface, the Perioscope usually allows the clinician to treat Periodontal Disease without invasive surgical therapies.

Additionally, the Perioscope allows the clinician to see what could not be seen before during periodontal surgery. Now, surgical therapies are far more effective and reliable than in the past.

Some of the breakthroughs that the Periscope has made in the everyday practice of Periodontics:

  • Increased effectiveness of non-surgical treatment methods, and thus a reduction in the amount of surgical therapy required for the treatment of Periodontitis.
  • Increased diagnostic accuracy; which leads to an increased appropriateness of prescribe treatment methods.
  • Increase effectiveness of surgical therapies which were limited by visibility problems

The Perioscope has greatly increased the accuracy of periodontal diagnostics and treatment prescription. Also, it has greatly increased the effectiveness of non-surgical and surgical therapies.

The Perioscope has created a shift in the nature of periodontal care. However, it does not diminish the power of, or importance of, periodontal surgical therapies. Ultimately, periodontal therapy is about cleaning diseased tooth roots free of bacterial contamination, and keeping them free of such accumulations. Periodontal surgical therapy remains the most powerful of therapies to achieve these goals. The Perioscope contributes to the ability to achieve therapeutic results that are similar to, and sometimes better than, those achieved by surgical therapies — without the pain, disfigurement and cost of surgical therapies. However, many periodontal disease situations cannot be adequately resolved without surgical therapy.

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