Sedation Dentistry in Silverdale, WA

Dr. Wilde’s priority is to provide you with the highest possible care, while ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. If you find that you often get anxious before an appointment, we can offer options for you to ensure you feel relaxes and comfortable. We offer several types of sedation techniques such as oral conscious, IV sedation and General Anesthetic. How you feel about dental treatment, what procedure you will be having or the amount of dental work to be performed at a single setting will determine which technique best fits your personal needs and goals. No matter the source of anxiety, Dr. Wilde has an array of options to help alleviate your anxiety to provide you with a painless visit!

Pain Free, Anxiety Free, Comfortable Memories.

With your comfort in mind, Dr. Wilde will you determine what level of sedation you case requires. For your comfort, Dr. Wilde offers the following sedation services:

oral sedation:

For patients who are only a little anxious about their planned procedure, Dr. Wilde may prescribe an oral sedative (similar to a Xanax or Valium), taken orally one hour prior to the procedure. This medication will relax you and place you in a calm state of for the duration of your appointment. You will not be asleep and will remain awake throughout the procedure, in a heightened state of relaxation. However, most patients do not remember the procedure. This can make long appointments feel like they only took a couple of minutes. A local anesthetic is still administers to ensure you feel no pain. Some may become comfortable and relaxed enough to drift to sleep, but are easily aroused by a gentle touch or asking them a question. As with most sedation options, patients cannot be allowed to drive themselves home after the procedure if an oral sedation is taken.

i.v. sedation:

Dr. Wilde has specialized advanced training, is certified by the State of Washington, and holds an addition license in IV Sedation Dentistry. IV Sedation Dentistry, under the observation of a qualified and experienced dentist, is one of the most effective ways for patients to get the best results, and is very safe. The patient is always monitored by the doctor and staff, and is never alone.

For patients with moderate to severe anxiety, IV sedation, also known as conscious sedation, safe medications are administered intravenously. This allows the patient to receive them continuously, resulting in a continual state of sedation. This also makes them more effective than the same drugs taken orally. Before, during and after the treatment Dr. Wilde will monitor the patient’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. If necessary, the level of medication can be adjusted during your treatment so that you remain in a comfortable state throughout the duration of your procedure. A local anesthetic is still administered to ensure you feel no pain.

Patients who receive IV sedation are not allowed to leave the dental office alone. The effects of sedation dentistry may last for several hours and you may be groggy most of the day of your appointment. Most patients experience no memory of the dental procedure, and experience no discomfort during treatment. You become very relaxed and comfortable. For example, most patients having conscious sedation think they have been asleep because they cannot remember the procedure. This is an excellent way to avoid dental anxiety and aid the patient in experiencing a profound state of relaxation.

gENERAL sedation:

For patients who have severe dental anxiety or for patients undergoing particular procedures, general anesthesia is an option. Just like in a hospital operating room, general anesthesia is only performed by a board certified anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist will put you asleep. This sedation is strong and a breathing tube is utilized to maintain adequate oxygen concentrations. The anesthesiologist is present throughout the procedure, monitoring your heath, ensuring the highest level of safety. Patients who receive general sedation are not allowed to leave the dental office alone, as the effects of general sedation last for several hours, leaving patients groggy for the remainder of the day.

Our services are provided in an environment of optimum safety that utilize modern monitoring equipment and staff who are experienced in anesthesia techniques.

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