Conscious Sedation Dentistry

I.V. Sedation Silverdale, WA

Dr. Wilde offers conscious Sedation Dentistry for your comfort.

With conscious sedation memory, anxiety levels, and perception of pain are greatly reduced. You become very relaxed and comfortable. For example, most patients having conscious sedation think they have been asleep because they cannot remember the procedure.

Dr. Wilde has received specialized advanced training and is certified by the State of Washington and holds an additional license in IV Sedation Dentistry.

During IV Sedation medications are administered intravenously and are more effective than the same drugs taken orally. Before, during and after the treatment Dr. Wilde will monitor the patient’s heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. Patients who receive IV sedation are not allowed to leave the dental office alone.

The effects of sedation dentistry may last for several hours and you may be groggy most of the day of your appointment.