Advanced Implant Technology

State of the Art Dental Technology

Cone Beam Advanced Technology

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) 3-D Imaging

Completed in our office at a fraction of the radition and cost of a Medical CT Scan.

Cone Beam Allows Advanced Diagnosis Samples & Detection of Pathology Old Technologies can Miss

Cone Beam digital x-ray Cone Beam digital x-ray
  Broken tooth   Cracked tooth

Advanced Planning Software

Digital treatment planning allows for pre-surgical implant placement.

  lower jaw image       lower jaw 2     Lower Jaw 3     Lower Jaw 4

Image 1

With planning software we have the ability to draw the path of nerves and other vital structures


Image 2

We can place virtual teeth that simulate the future restoration on the implant.


Image 3

We can view our plan from different directions.


Image 4

We have the ability to make the bone disappear to look at the relationship of the implants and crowns to vital structures.


Simplant Surgical Guides

Surgical guideSurgical guides allow for precise implant placement, allowing patients to spend less time in the dental chair due to the pre-planning that occurs.      

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

Plasma Rich Growth Factors Plasma Rich in Growth Factors uses your body’s own growth stimulators for more predictable and better bone healing. This treatment is a revolutionary option that uses your own blood for healing after implant placement.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors techniqueWhen we suffer an injury the human body begins repair by releasing proteins (cellular signals). The PRGF technique isolates these proteins from the blood plasma which are responsible for wound healing and tissue regeneration. The repair process is accelerated once a therapeutic dose is applied to the treatment area.


PRGF Process

PRGFTo begin this process, we draw a small amount of blood from the patient and the Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, or proteins, are obtained through a centrifuge (spinning) process. This plasma is then placed where healing or regeneration of bone and tissue are needed.


Piezo Ultrasonic Surgery

Piezo Ultrasonic SurgeryImplants are placed with ultrasonic technology vs. traditional dental burs and drills.