Temporary Orthodontic Anchorage

Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) are immediately loaded mini-screws, implants or plates that are placed to control tooth movement during orthodontic treatment and removed when the treatment is completed. They can be used in some cases to replace traditional orthodontic extraoral appliances, such as headgear. Because placement requires a minor surgical procedure, orthodontists often refer patients to surgeons for this stage of the overall treatment plan.

Placement of implants in the upper and lower jaws has been an established procedure for decades.

Unlike most standard implants, TADs allow immediate loading. This means that they can be used by the orthodontist immediately. TADs can often (though not always) be placed in the jaw without making an incision in the gums. In other words, they can often be placed right through the gums directly into the underlying bone. Most of the time, the only anesthetic necessary is an injection directly over the position in the gums where each implant is to be placed. The entire procedure usually produces very minimal post operative discomfort, if any. Once your orthodontist has determined that the TADs are no longer necessary, the removal procedure is equally easy to tolerate.